Dave for Mayor

What’s Dave’s record of service in Harrisburg?

I’m running for Mayor of Harrisburg, and I’m asking you to be my running mate in a different kind of campaign.

One that’s positive and optimistic but grounded in reality. One that isn’t about one person, but a hundred good ideas—from people like you—that just need the support to make them a reality.

As mayor, here’s the big question I’m going to ask: “Are you willing to be a good neighbor?” If you say yes, and you want to be part of a vibrant, open, growing, inclusive city, we need you to help make this a city that works for everyone.

Meet Dave

For over thirty years, Dave Schankweiler and his wife Donna built a publishing business in the City of Harrisburg that grew to provide some 150 employees with family-sustaining jobs. As head of Journal Multimedia—the parent company of the Central Penn Business Journal—Dave also created “Best Places to Work in PA” to recognize good employers who maintain a trusted relationship between their customers and employees.

Born to working-class parents and the product of public schools, his belief in the dignity of the individual has been a driving force behind a lifelong commitment to lifting people out of poverty. Through volunteer and nonprofit work, Dave focused his energies on building organizations and communities that give everyone the opportunity to fulfill their God-given potential.

As a passionate supporter of education, Dave was a founder and the first volunteer board chairman of Harrisburg University—an institution designed to erase the gap between an employer’s needs and a trained workforce. The school revolutionized the region’s education marketplace by providing a realistic pathway for Harrisburg’s youth to receive an affordable, world-class education. He believes access to a safe, quality education is the civil rights and moral imperative of our time.

A newcomer to politics, Dave has never sought or held a political office. In 2019, Schankweiler was asked to lead Harrisburg’s Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority. After a nine-month examination of the city’s finances Dave resigned, convinced that little could change without the cooperative, creative leadership of a mayor.

Dave is a graduate of King’s College in Wilkes-Barre. He and Donna are the parents of Kate, Parker and Drew.

Read Dave’s Agenda for Harrisburg.

  • Prioritizes the city’s response to rising crime
  • Offers a post-Covid plan for economic development and job creation
  • Renews the focus on student safety and opportunity
  • Restores vital cooperation between the Mayor, City Council and other government officials
  • Establishes a responsive process for neighborhood ideas, strategy and action

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