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I’m planning to run for Mayor of Harrisburg but before I announce, will you take 10 minutes to answer the A City That Works survey?

I was in fifth grade when my parents moved our family to Greater Harrisburg. Since then, I’ve had a front-row seat to the highs and lows of our great American hometown. For some of us, this city has allowed us to realize dreams and create opportunity for others. But for far too many, that experience has been out of reach.

As the founder and publisher of the Central Penn Business Journal, I was privileged to help tell the story of visionaries who saw the next Harrisburg—a diverse, energetic river town where every person is valued and has a fighting chance to succeed.

Early in 2021, I’m planning to announce a run for Mayor of Harrisburg. Before I make it official, I’m meeting neighbors to do what my father taught me was the most important trait of a successful human being—listening. If we listen to each other, learn from Harrisburg’s past triumphs and failures and develop and execute a bold plan of action, we can make Harrisburg work for everyone.

I invite you to take the A City That Works survey. Together, let’s write the next chapter of Harrisburg’s story.

When you’re ready to meet over coffee, text, call or email, here’s how you can reach me:

717-599-6229 (mobile)

Your neighbor,

Dave Schankweiler
Harrisburg resident

What makes a city work for everyone?

Thriving neighborhoods.
Safe streets, affordable housing.
Responsive, reliable public services.
Student-focused, performing schools.
Smart economic development.

A leader with vision.

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